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The Ancient Religion of Positive Thinking

HUNA: The Ancient Religion of Positive Thinking
by William R. Glover

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--Kenneth Carr

  • The Code Language
  • The Three Selves of Man
  • Mana, the Life Force
  • Relaxation and Suggestion Techniques
  • Effective Prayer
  • Huna Prayer Format
  • The "Unanswered" Prayer
  • The Significance of Life

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    Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    Higher Self Connection

    --- totion7 wrote:

    > I came across some material by Tad James which
    > talks about the Higher Self connection. Could
    > anyone elaborate more on what this is? Is it mainly
    > a form of communion and communication with your
    > Higher Self, or something different altogether?

    Aloha Jas,

    It is something different altogether.


    ... because it’s NOT pretty.

    Here’s just part of what’s done:

    Each class they do is designed to create a specific thought-form entity for the group.

    Covert hypnotic language patterns are used to program "dependency," desire, and "massive attraction" toward that thought-form entity.

    They spend a lot of time talking about "The High Self," along with themselves and their "teachers" ... complete with all kinds of pictures, symbols, and specific "stage anchors" used to re-inforce your "need" to stay connected to that thought-form entity.

    ... especially if they know you had unresolved issues with your parents ... and just about everyone who gets involved with them does!

    What they call "The High Self Connection" is built-up as the high point of their first training ... and all references to the HS are psychically connected to that thought-form entity ... using every NLP trick in the books.

    Then ...

    ... as the "big moment" is about to arrive ... and after plenty of hypnotic inductions setting-you-up for this ... they begin talking about "the connection."

    And here’s when it gets ugly.

    They start with where the connection physically is and "what to expect" when you do their technique ...

    ... all part of their marketing techniques.

    Even the most experienced meta-physician can miss the very real feeling that "something definitely wrong there" by that point.

    If you’ve studied Huna from a qualified trainer ... you should already know WHERE your HS connection really is.


    But that’s NOT the worst of it.

    So they’re attaching something to you below your conscious thresh-hold in a place that's by-passig your intellectual and spiritual center ... what could possibly go wrong?

    Nothing ... if "you’re the one in control" ... right?

    And it’s much simpler to sell a $10,000 package AFTER you’ve replaced people’s natural connection to their personal 'Aumakua with something different altogether.

    Like that thought-form entity the group has created using their own mana.

    Then they sit-back-and-watch as the entire class "voluntarily" attaches themselves to that thing and accept it as their own "utterly trust-worthy parental spirit."

    It’s not.

    It's something else altogether.

    So guess who replaces the student's "utterly trust-worth parental spirit" in their minds?

    Ever talk to one of them?

    It’s pretty obvious!

    > Also, has anyone here worked with Higher Self
    > therapy? What's the scoop on that? Thanks! Jas

    What they call "Higher Self Therapy" is an NLP technique developed by Robert Dilts to which they’ve added a few more "twists" ...

    ... there are a couple "requirements" you have to meet and more programming similar to what I was describing above.

    I guess "that’s the scoop."

    But ... since you’re already connection to YOUR own High Self ... your Aumakua ... you can strengthen your connection with daily practice.

    And ... as far as honestly enlisting your High Self to assist you in the process of clearing-out negative emotions, limiting decisions, complexes, fixations, and false identifications from your unconscious mind ... well ...

    ... you can do that easily if you want to, and I've posted several free articles giving specific steps on how-to-do-it at if anyone’s interested.

    You can always do-it-yourself ... just remember "who’s in charge."


    © 2008 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

    Wednesday, June 11, 2008

    huna magic counteract

    --- Daniel wrote:

    > I was reading something on the group about a psychic
    > vampire, is there some one I should be aware of?

    Aloha Daniel,

    When your new to Huna, you have to be a tad careful. James, my friend, can tell you all about it!

    Nana I Ke Kumu

    Always look to the source!


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    Monday, June 2, 2008

    What Is Huna Practice?

    What Is Huna Practice?

    Huna gives you the secret to creating the life you want. The simple step-by-step processes permit you to unlock your potential and fulfill your inner most desires.

    By applying Huna principles you’ll be able to live your life the way you want, transform your perception of reality, and achieve your dreams of a better tomorrow.

    Stay with me here ...

    ... because it's magical when you understand exactly what it takes.

    There’s no need to be a "trailblazer." All you have to do is follow some simple steps to success.

    Look ...

    ... they say you must keep an open mind when beginning a new endeavor. An exciting look at that old adage that could reveal hidden opportunities in places you'd never look.

    It’s no wonder why people "run out of gas" when pursuing their life's passion ... but when you have this weapon in your arsenal ... you’ll never be running on empty.

    Huna practitioners are making things happen no matter what!

    Check out for a step-by-step plan to analyze your goals. This is a must before you start on your life’s journey to fulfill your dreams.

    And keep studying!


    © 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

    Th Huna Ohana

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